9/29 2018 16:30 - 19:30

(now in english)

Koumi Town has held an interesting annual event „Koumi-machi Lantern Festival“ after the famous „Lantern Festival“ of the Bauhaus, since the Koumi-machi Kogen Museum of Art held the Bauhaus exhibition in 2003. All 4th graders elementary pupils in Kokai Town have participated, and it was a good example of a n integrated learning, where they made lanterns at the time of the work after experimenting with the beans light bulb in science. Of course, adults also earnestly enjoy making lanterns, and there are also small children’s participation. This 15th Lantern Festival is final. Unfortunately, the rain in the town eliminated the march, but a lot of beautiful lights of lanterns were exhibited and lit in the gymnasium. Thank you for 15 years!