About bauhaus100 japan

In 2019, it is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the German School of Art and Design Bauhaus. In Japan who continued to learn with the trend of Bauhaus in real time, we organized the Bauhaus 100th anniversary committee to celebrate the 100th anniversary and launched the bauhaus 100 japan project.
From 2017 to 2020, we introduce various events related to Bauhaus, such as a memorial exhibition “Bauhaus 100” (provisional name) that will visit five museums in Japan, to the stars shining in the Japanese map and introduce them as “constellations of Bauhaus”.

Organization: bauhaus 100 japan comittee

Committee members
Toshimitsu Isao:”Bauhaus Bücher" Japanese editorial committee / Director: Oita Prefectural College of Arts and Culture Junior College / Ex-President of the Japan Art Management Association

Hisao Miyajima: "Bauhaus Bücher" Japanese editorial committee/ Ex-Director, National Museum of Art, Ex-Director of the Takamatsu City Art Museum

Hiroyuki Sadakane: "Bauhaus Bücher" Japanese editorial committee / Emeritus Professor, Oita Prefectural Art and Culture College

Hiroshi Kashiwagi : Design Critic / Emeritus Professor, Musashino Art University

Kenichi Nagata: Research on Art History / Professor at Nagoya University of the Arts

Project Design
Eisuke Tachikawa / NOSIGNER

Curatorium & Administration
Kaho Somada, Curator, Misawa Bauhaus Collection

Masafumi Fukagawa, Independent Curator, ( curator of the 75th bauhaus anniversary exhibition bauhaus revolution and experiment of art education, at Kawasaki City Museum, 1994)

Hisa Ichikawa, Art Impression Inc.

Cooperation for Public relations
Goethe-Institut Tokyo

Official Support
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Embassy of Switzerland
Embassy of Hungary

mail: info100@bauhaus.ac